[Certificate Issuance] Japan New Year Adviser℠ Exam [Beginner Level] 2023 Edition

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You can complete the issuance process for the Japan New Year Adviser℠ Exam [Beginner Level] 2023 certificate on this page.

Product Information:

- The size of the certificate is A4.
- The certificate can be issued in English or Japanese.
- The photo shown is for illustration purposes only. The design may be subject to change.

Package Contents:

- One certificate can be issued per period and per language for each individual. (If you passed in Japanese, you can also order the English version separately.)
- One Miss Oshogatsu contest winner's bromide is included by default. You can also choose the Booster Pack (2 bromides) or the Complete Pack (3 bromides).

Ordering Process:

- Please create an account using the same email address used for the examination and place your order.
- Orders from individuals who are not successful candidates will be canceled. In such cases, any fees incurred for the payment will be borne by the customer.

Name for Display:

- The blue section within the image will contain the successful candidate's information and will be displayed in black text. Normally, the recipient's name for the certificate delivery will be indicated. However, during the ordering process, you can specify any desired name to be displayed on the certificate.
- The 'Name for display' field is provided to accommodate cases where the name is to be displayed in Japanese or Romanized form, depending on the preference. Please note that if a name clearly different from the orderer's is entered, the issuance of the certificate may be declined as it could indicate fraudulent activity. However, this does not apply when a guardian orders the certificate for a minor examinee.

Please enter the name (up to 30 characters) to the 'Name for display' field you would like to appear on the certificate, in case you prefer to have your name written in Japanese or any other language, even if your name is in English or another language.

Example: John Smith → Enter as 'ジョン・スミス' (John Smith)
Jessica Williams → Enter as 'ジェシカ・ウィリアムズ' (Jessica Williams)

* If you are unsure about how to input characters from other languages or if you have any concerns about the notation, please consult with us in advance.


- It may take approximately one month from the payment confirmation by the orderer for the certificate to be shipped.
- After receiving the payment, we verify the candidate's successful status, check for any fraudulent activities manually, and then create the certificate. This process may take some time before we can proceed with the shipping. We appreciate your understanding.
- Additional shipping fees apply for international delivery.
- Please note that customs duties may be imposed or packages may be opened during customs clearance.
- For information regarding customs-related fees, please contact the customs office.


- Certificates cannot be reissued. In case of loss, you will need to pass the exam again during the next examination period.


- Please refer to the Shopping Guide for information on receipts.

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¥3,300 tax included